Utopia Luxury villa kefalonia

The seductive Utopia Luxury Villa Kefalonia

Luxury Villa in Sami Kefalonia with view to the sea, and the green scenery of Sami village.

Encircled by rugged cliffs and olive gardens, the gorgeous sea view Kefalonia Villa of Utopia, offers a fabulous choice for discerning travelers seeking a private and exceptional place to host their vacation. Situated in the picturesque area of eastern Kefalonia in this enchanting island of the Ionian Sea, Utopia Luxury Villa Kefalonia reflects the island’s spirit and grandeur, ensuring a lavish holiday experience that will forever be engraved in everyone’s mind.

"Utopia Luxury Villa Kefalonia" offers a stylish accommodation, amazing view to the shimmering sapphire waters of the Ionian sea while offering guests once in a lifetime holiday memories. Exuding an air of tranquil luxury the "Utopia Luxury Villa" in Sami Kefalonia with pool, is distinguished for it's isolated and elevated position. Photographs can only show a fragment of the beauty..

Villa in Sami Kefalonia 

Interior Spaces

Utopia Luxury Villa Kefalonia


The brilliantly designed interiors, feature fine collections of modern and minimal furniture, airy high quality fabrics and a remarkable range of luxurious amenities ensuring a wonderful relaxing stay in a world of pure luxury, yet with a simple and modest taste. It's an exquisite place, idyllically situated in the tranquil area of Sami village, Utopia Kefalonia Villas feature an aggregation of what the traveller wants and seeks for his accommodation, in comparison of the price and the final feeling.

The enchanting sea view of "Utopia Luxury Villa Kefalonia" offers a haven of serenity with gracious living spaces all enjoying magical views to the iridescent sunrise and the glistening emerald waters of the sea. The villa boasts a vast living room and a luxurious dining area close to the barbecue area which is connected to the fully equipped kitchen inviting guests to create culinary delights to relish with their loved ones.

Luxury Villa in Kefalonia

Exterior Spaces

Utopia Luxury Villa Kefalonia
Boasting spectacular sea views, this stunning contemporary kefalonia villa offers guests a luxurious retreat on one of most magical island in Greece.

A real highlight of Utopia Luxury Villa Kefalonia is its fabulous outdoor space. Villa residents are welcome to lay on the sun loungers or the swing and watch the glimmering reflection of the sunset over the azure sea, relax  by the pool and gaze at the awe-inspiring view of the endless horizon, and dive into the crystalline waters of the pool that seems to spill into the never ending indigo sea.


Magnificent lounge areas can be found throughout the villa, some under the shade of trees, overlooking the colourful garden, others embraced by local flowers and others brilliantly set under the open sun kissed sky all offering a peaceful setting for endless moments of relaxation. The incredible dining area outdoors invite guests to enjoy a romantic candle light dinner with bubbling champagne as the sound of waves whispers in their ear.


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